SCAG - Scandinavian CW Activity Group


The SCAG idea

The Scandinavian CW Activity Group (SCAG) is a non political organisation for radio amateurs with a common interest for amateur radio communication in telegraphy.

All the Scandinavian countries are members of the organisation. There shall be a section leader in each member country.

SCAG shall support and encourage amateur radio telegraphy. SCAG shall work for good manners and a good traffic culture in the amateur radio bands.

SCAG shall work for a maintained and improved skill in telegraphy among radio amateurs through a variety of activities. SCAG shall work for Nordic cooperation and fellowship to obtain good international relations.


What is the Objective of SCAG ?

As you have come to this page, you are probably interested in telegraphy,"the noble art of communication".

The objective of SCAG is to activate and encourage users of the morse code.If you prefer "hand pumps" (= straight keys), knives or electronical "bugs" - that is not the main question. As long as you work "cw", it's OK.

- But how about Morse Code generated by a computer? - It doesn't matter, as long as you use the Morse Code on the bands.

- Do I have to be a supersonic operator? - No way! Fast or slow. Elegant or QLF. Just be active. Training is A and O.

- But how to learn all these codes, like QLF etc? - Well, there are lists. We will try to find accurate links on the Internetand publish them on this site. By the way, QLF means "Key with the left foot".


How to achieve Membership in SCAG?

If you really feel, deep in your heart, that you truly want to become a member in SCAG, read this:

Send an e-mail to the treasurer (kassören) SM5CCE where you have written your call sign and your name + address and tell Kjell that you want to join the group. Pay the annual fee to a convenient account number Be happy - Work CW!

Annual fee is SEK 100 or USD 15 or EUR 15